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The Globe is among the world's most visited
web pages with millions of visitors. It is
also your start page on the Internet and
a web page where you can search and find
almost anything that is available
on the Internet. The Globe is in other
words a global start page and can
of course be used by anyone
anywhere in the world and you
can search for anything
on the world wide web.

The Globe is the world's
greatest start page and
search page using some
of the largest and most
useful databases in the
world. The search functions
on The Globe's web pages
makes it possible to search
and find billions of web
pages, images, video files, etc.

The web portal also includes
a wide range of functions and
services like live TV channels,
news pages, sports news and
financial news including stock
market information from all around
the world.

The Globe has its own search
engine with more than 10 billion
urls (web pages). The web portal
also contains search functions
linking to external search engines.
These search engines have been
divided into different categories
to make it easier to find exactly
what you are looking for with an
enormous amount of information in
the databases. is one of the
best ranked web pages in the
world and is among
the top 0,3% pages in a worldwide
ranking of the 30 million most
popular and most visited websites
on the Internet.

A part of the profit from The Globe's
web portal will from year 2022 be
invested in funds for good causes.

Would you like to own the best
and most valuable domain name
in the world?

It is now possible! You can
be the owner of The Globe
and the entire Internet business
that is now runned by the company
The Globe Enterprises (registration
number 721217-0059) with an
offer over 550 billion USD.

Make your offer by sending an
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